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Joining Application~Wolves

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Joining Application~Wolves

Post  The Clockmaker on Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:43 am

Below you will find the application and requirements to join the wolves of Demonic Clockwork. Please consider each section carefully and make sure it is to your approval before posting.

IMPORTANT: Please read over the all the threads contained in the 'Demonic Clockwork' forum as you are required to post joining keys letting us know you have read them.



AGE: (Remember that wolves age differently to us, wolves less then one year are considered pups and wolves over six are quite old and will probably nap most of the day.)

DESCRIPTION:(be sensible, no fur colored purple,green,pink etc. Any other color but neon.)

TRAITS: (what is your wolf best at?)


HISTORY: (be creative, we'd love to hear your wolves' story.)

OTHER: (anything you'd like to add)

WRITING SAMPLE: (optional)

HOW DID YOU FIND DEMONIC CLOCKWORK?: (a friend?, browsing the web? we'd love to know!)

If you have any questions regarding this form don't be afraid to ask! Please fill out your character form and a member of our team will be along soon to check it over, please note you cannot participate in roleplay until you have been accepted.
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